Raspberry pi model B (old) and rasp OS version 12.3

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Hello I had the previous version and it always worked fine. Today i installed the new modbro and the raspi version 12.3 and it shows that no wwireless interface detected, but im connected by ethernet and it says the models Pi sported !!!!

My old raspberry pi (model B) will not work on this new software ?????


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Resolved whith the configuration on the browser by ip, 

But now it shows: 

No ethernet link detected, Can not connect to configured network interface (make sure the ethernet cable is connected)

Of course it is ,,,, if not i couldnt config it ???

Which Raspberry Pi are you using exactly?


its the first one i guess ….

I resolved the problem whith a usb ethernet adapter, but its not the same :(

Yeah that's one of the first generation.

While our image should theoretically also work on that model, we do not test on it as we don't own a Raspberry Pi 1 ourselves.
Also that model is now >10 years old and will probably run into hardware limitations (slow single core processor, memory of only 512MB or less) for all but the most basic dashboards.

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