A big Update!

Today we can finally show you guys what we have been working on the past few months!
We've listened to your comments on YouTube and replied to your contact requests on the website, Discord, Facebook and Instagram and and and...

So what's new then? 

MoBro App

Well, we have now released the first Beta Version of the MoBro Windows Application V.1.0.0!
You can download the new version here or just update it via the old app.

The app is a complete refresh and now focuses on gathering all that monitoring data you love from multiple different sources. We have 2 different libraries for reading data that are already pre preinstalled and shipped with MoBro by default.
But now you are also able to add HWiNFO to that list of data sources! You can read more about that in our new FAQ here.


Yes FAQ! - We have now gathered the most frequently asked questions about the MoBro App and the Website in one place and already answered them for you. You can check out our brand new FAQ area here.
If these answers are not enough for you, we have now also added a Discussion board Forum!


We have been thinking about the communication with you guys a lot! A lot of you are motivated and are trying to help others in the comment sections of our blog postings, but it's really hard to keep track of what has been posted and which issues have already been resolved.

So we came up with a solution how you guys can help each other out and talk about our app - that's why we released a Discussion Forum.
You can now ask questions, report issues or just talk with each other and of course interact with us as well!


We hope you like our new updates! 
Please tell us what you think about it and leave feedback so we can continously work on improvements in the future!

Your ModBro's