Today I want to give you guys a little bit more insight on our custom motherboard tray and the radiator mounting bracket for our Wood PC Case Series. You can also download the files to play around with them. If you have not seen our video yet make sure to check it out -


The Motherboard Tray

For desigining the mini-ITX motherboard tray I used a few different schematics from spec sheets that i found online and also measured the hardware I was installing later on so that everything fits. One site that I used for getting the right numbers was

Knowing the size of the standoffs was also critical for getting it right. I used M3 x 15mm female threaded standoffs. The fan bracket is for a 80mm noctua fan, but will fit any 80mm fan. 

You can download the DXF-File on Thingiverse here.

For manufactoring we used 1mm aluminium and milled it at our makerspace the GrandGarage on a Datron ML Cube CnC machine.

The Radiator Bracket

For the 240mm radiator mounting bracket we used 5mm aluminium. The design was pretty straight forward because we just needed to make two cutouts for 120mm fans and align them properly next to each other. We also made 4 dril holes for screwing it down to the wood.

You can also download the DXF-File on Thingiverse.