Google Play Store - MoBro App Missing

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As the title states, the MoBro app is missing from the Google Play store.  This is also causing the link for the app on this website to be dead. Thank you!

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Hi @Breaker 

yes we are already aware of this. But thanks for pointing it out anyway :)

The app was temporarily removed by Google due to an issue regarding ad placement in the app.
To be honest I don't really get why there's an issue all of a sudden, as we didn't make any changes regarding the ad banner in the app and also didn't update the app for months..

Nevertheless we already submitted an updated version of the app for review.
This will probably take some days to get through. If everything's fine in the updated version, the app should be available again afterwards.

Hello @Seraksab, do you have any updates on this?  MoBro is still missing from the Google Play store.

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