Yes! We are finally finished with our fallout styled nuklear power machine!

This PC has it all! The newest Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti with a watercooled Intel 8700k Processor.
To round it all up we 3d printed an original Fallout terminal to display all the hardware data in real time, running our own hardware monitoring software.

But lets start at the beginning:

A few months ago, Dave our fellow modder started with a plan to create the perfect PC for his girlfriend. Since they both love to play the Fallout series and know the items and characters from the game pretty well, it was clear that their mod would have to be Fallout style. Not only do they enjoy playing "standard" PC games as well as VR games, but the additional goal we had in mind when selecting the hardware was also to enable the development of said games. A perfect fit for this scenario is the new RTX graphic cards series by Nvidia.
Next to all this cutting edge hardware it was obvious for us to integrate a costum watercooling loop in order to push the PC to its full potential. To top it off, we also decided to print some of the elements from the Fallout game as a 3D-model and integrate them into the pc.

The 3D Models

The 3d-models we used have been created by other creators and made available for the public. 
If you are interested in printing them yorself, here are the links for the files made by PowerUpProps and Chrizz:

The Fallout Terminal by PowerUpProps:

The Fallout 76 Fault by Chrizz:

The Terminal

We wanted to create a monitoring screen inside the case that is not a "weird" and bulky solution and stands out in its own way from a design perspective. It is already common to add a screen inside the case of PC's, trying to show off PC monitoring data. The only problem with that solution was, that normally the screen is just attached to the graphics card via HDMI or Display Port, meaning it is a 2nd (or sometimes 3rd) screen that just shows a another screen of the (windows) PC.
But we wanted to create our own software and a real external terminal, so that the mouse won't be stuck in the case ;) 

The Terminal we created is the housing for our Raspberry Pi 3 B+, which is responsible for establishing a connection to our minitoring software running in the background in form of a Windows service on the PC. On the front of the terminal there is a 3.5" screen attached to the Raspberry that displays the monitoring data of the PCs components, such as CPU/GPU usage and temperatures. Beside these two components it is large enough to fit the PCI cables which connect the rasperry with the monitor as well as other connections. To protect the screen we glued a plexiglas window on the front. To mount the Terminal into the case we printed some additional stands and glued them at the bottom. The surface of the individual parts were a litte bit uneven so we had to coat them with a filler to make the surface appear more smooth. This made the whole coloring process a lot easier. To achieve the terminal typical battered look, we spray painted the individual parts green and added black highlights.

In order to highlight the Terminal in the case we decided to not mount the Terminal directly into the case but to mount it on a plexiglas plate and then to install into into the case. To adjust the plate to the design we cutted a sqare plexiglas plate and painted it in the matching colors of the overall design and added the typcial Fallout Vault Tec logo. We installed some elbow connector to secure the terminal on the plate and screewed the plate inside at the back of the case.  




Oh, and did you notice the nuka cola bottle? ;)
This was one of our first prints with the printer. Since Dave's girlfrind is really into this specific item form the game, we jus had to try it out.
We added a capping which was originally a keychain to complete the design of the bottle. 


Watch the Video here:



Hardware List