Beta10 features support for AIDA64 and brings some bug fixes and improvements. Here you can find a list of what has changed in the new version of MoBro.


  • AIDA64 Support. This will enable you to select data from AIDA64 both in the app and in the theme customization. This way you have access to even more monitoring data! Checkout our FAQ for more infos!


  • We had some issues with newer versions of windows, that uninstalling the app did not remove the background service correctly. In 1.0.0-beta10 uninstalling will work correctly even in the latest versions of windows 10.


As a small side note: our patreons are now also testing the V12 update on the raspberry pi, that includes tons of new features, so go over there and check it out!


We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas, so please let us know!

More features & new stuff are on the way!