A stronger foundation forms a better future. 

We have taken this to heart for the last couple weeks to fix some bugs and get rid of something that maybe not so many of you have realized.

MoBro has been plagued by a very nasty memory leak, which could bloat up over time and result in up to 3GB of ram going to waste somewhere in the undepths of the V8 javascript engine.

In cooperation with a very kind member of our community on discord "MrToast", thanks to you again, for pointing this out and offering help, we were able to pin point the leak and close it with professional use of good old coding duct tape.

Now that we have removed every mischief from our foundation, we are able to build more awesome features and extend MoBro even further. We will write a more detailed blog post on what will be in store for you guys in the next versions of MoBro.

Until then, happy updating and using MoBro v1.0.0-beta4 without bloating your ram! Go and grab it from here!