Being able to easily rotate the screen and having some kind of screensaver for the times the PC is not running were the features you guys requested the most. We heard you guys!


So alongside some bugfixes and general improvements, this update delivers just those major new features:

  • Easily configurable display rotation
  • A selection of 9 screensavers to start with

If you're interested in a more in-depth and technical list of changes just hop over to: Changelog



Configuration wizard - localization step

So before talking about screensavers we actually need to talk about localization. As we started to add different screensavers we of course also added some that display date and time.

Now since most of you probably don't live in Austria we quickly realized we first needed to add an option for you guys to configure your timezone.

So as you can see the configuration wizard now starts with an all new dedicated 'Localization' step where you can select your country and timezone.

And because it looks nice we decided to throw in some country flags to the selection menu.
Now did you know that based on ISO-3166 there are a whopping 249 countries and therefore also just as many different flags?
Well neither did we, but tinkering around often results in learning new stuff that you haven't even thought about when you started working on a project or problem :)


Configuration wizard - screen setupSo now let's have a look at the new major features and what we did to the 'Screen setup' step.

As you can see, you can now select the desired rotation of the display right from within the configuration wizard.
The rotation is given in clockwise degrees, where 0° naturally equals no rotation.

We also slightly simplified the selection of the display driver and made some subtle style adjustments here and there.

Additionally there's now also a new section for screensavers, as described in more detail below.


So you can now select a screensaver that will automatically kick in after the Raspberry Pi looses connection to the monitored PC (e.g. if it is shut down).
Furthermore you can configure an optional delay and of course preview the selected screensaver before committing on one.

Once the screensaver kicks in, the Raspberry keeps checking for the PC periodically in the background. If it finds the PC to be reachable again it will automatically connect and switch back to the monitoring screen.

To start with, we added a selection of 9 simple screensavers.
We believe you will be able to spot the ones that cost us way too much time because it was fun to fiddle around with ;)

You can see a quick glimpse at one of the screensavers in action to the right.


As usual you can download the newest version of the MoBro Raspberry Pi image on our MoBro page or directly here: