Today we're going to release our first Patreon only Theme from our YouTube videos - The MoBro Portal theme - for our SUPER BRO Patreon supporters. We're doing this to give back to the people who want to support us and help us maintain the development of our MoBro app and of course also help us continue making videos on YouTube!

The Original Theme

Some of you might remember our Portal themed PC build. If you haven't seen the video yet here is the link: 

In this video we have used our MoBro app and created our own Portal-styled theme as you can see here:


Updated the Theme:

We have now updated the theme and make it work with the latest MoBro version and made it responsive so it would also work on landscape mode. 


If you want to download the theme check out the SUPER BRO Patreon posting there is a link to the assets and a explanation on how to install it. Check it out on our Patreon Page: