Project AVALANCHE is maybe the PC build that best describes the origin of us mod bros. The austrian alps from which we come from. This build is for the all the alpine geeks out there who just love skiing as much as the guy this build is for.

To bring out his love for the austrian alps we decided to go for a completely custom made PSU shroud, that we created with a laser cutter from acrylic glass.

By designing a costum PSU shroud we could highlight the dangers and yet also the beauty of the alps. The most stunning effect can be achieved by engraving acrylic glass and combining it with indirect LED lighting. We didn't go for a white case for a reason, otherwise it would be just another "winter edition" build, just because it is white. We actually went for black since the black skiing slopesare the best after all. Despite the badass look, this PC build is easy on the budget and extremely affordable, making it the perfect companion for gaming, working and just admiring it.

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