12.3 System crashes and becomes unbootable when overlay FS set to RW mode.

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Working with a completely fresh image of 12.3, just trying to set the pi to a static ip and mount an external HDD to use as a file share, which I had working on 12.1, as soon as I set_root_configurable the ssh connection closes and the pi locks up.  Any attempt to boot after that gets to the point where it's connected to the network, but ssh and the display are not running.  I have to re-image to get a working system again. 

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Hi @Cysec 

It's normal that ‘set_root_configurable’ will trigger a reboot, as that's required to disable the OverlayFS.
Does that reboot not happen for you, as you mentioned the Pi “locks up”?

Also not having a picture afterwards should be fine, as the ‘set_root_configurable’ will also disable the MoBro service.
So the Pi will boot back up, but nothing will be started. This mode is aimed for when you need to make manual changes to your Pi (like in your case) and so probably don't want the whole monitoring automatically starting as well.

But SSH should be back up of course, so there must be something wrong here..

Are you connected over LAN or Wifi? 
Also you can verify that the Pi is in fact connected to your network after the reboot?
Which Raspberry Pi model are you using?

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