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I already have a Pi with a 7" display as a dashboard with a kiosk mode Chromium running for the weather and news info.

So, I just want it to change the URL to the one Mobro desktop app provides, every 30sec.

I'm trying accessing to http://[windows_IP]:42100/?uuid=pi1&name=RaspberryPi, but only the RAM gauge works: every other data is blank.


Is there anything else I should do?


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Hi @Elganso 

on the Raspberry Pi side that's everything you need to do and you're already good to go there

regarding the missing data:

have you ever seen all data displayed for this layout? 
if not, you may have to configure the individual widgets first:

  • once you opened the URL you posted, there should be a device listed under ‘connected devices’ in the desktop application
  • hit the ‘configure’ button there
  • now you can re-arrange and configure all of the empty widgets above and select which values from which data source you want to display


In case you're using HWiNFO, also take the 12h usage limit per day into account as described here

Working like a charm. Thanks!

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