Can I install PiHole on the same Raspberry Pi as the monitor?

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I'm got the monitor running beautifully on my Pi 4. Thanks for a great app! I was wondering if I could install PiHole on the same Raspberry Pi. I've got it on a reserved IP address on an ethernet connection.

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Hi @PolCat 

Technically you should be able to install PiHole on our image, as it's basically just a slightly modified version of the official Raspberry Pi OS with our software already pre-installed and set up.

However I have never tried it myself so I can't tell you 100%. 
You might well run into some minor issues on the way.

Thanks Seraksab. I'll let you know how I get on

How did it go? Did you install via SSH? If so, what credentials did you use to login?

I installed it no problem. Works great!

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