Change log for Beta 13?

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First of all, I love the app.

I just noticed an update to ver 1.0.0-beta13 is available to download but I can't find any notes or changelog for the update.  Am I just not seeing it?

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we accidentally messed up some things in beta12 that caused problems with older non-customizable themes 😅

so beta13 was just a quick bugfix release to fix that. no other changes or added features


Oh, I see.  Are there any notes for beta12?  I'm just curious about the changes, additions, fixes, etc.

Sure, here you go:


  • Max Value for bar-charts in dubbadhar doesn't impact the bar length anymore
  • Adapt device resolution button in the customisation screen now asks directly at the device instead of trying to calculate the web resolution for better accuracy
  • High max values for gauges won't render the plot outlines false anymore
  • Doughnut charts in the dubbadhar theme render correctly on higher values than the max value 


New Features: 

  • Bar-charts in the dubbadhar theme now have limits like the gauges for warning and critical values
  • Line-chart y-Axis labels in the dubbadhar theme now change color based on the widget color for better accessibility
  • Line-chart thickness in the dubbadhar theme are now customizable for better accessibility on smaller resolutions

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