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I'm new to using this app. Is there a way to change the celcius reading to display in fahrenheit? I searched through the forum and didn't see any posts about this. Sorry if this question has been asked already.

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You can open the desktop app on your PC and go to settings > Temperatures then enable `Use Fahrenheit instead`.

Sorry. I should have explained better. I already changed the setting in the desktop app to display fahrenheit. The info that the included open hardware sends to the rasberry pi is displayed in celcius. Can the info sent to the pi be changed to display in fahrenheit? Is there a config file somewhere that can be edited for this?

Open Open Hardware Monitor on your PC, then go to Options > Temperature Unit and select Fahrenheit there. 

So I have to download and install open hardware in order to change the setting? I'm only using what was installed with the desktop app.

Sorry, I assumed you were using Open Hardware Monitor as well.

In any case, I just tried setting the temperature to Fahrenheit in both ModBros and Open Hardware Monitor and it made no difference, the temperature is still displayed in Celsius regardless.

I am not sure why that would be, but I hope it is corrected in the next version of ModBros, fingers crossed.

Hi @tjones965 

MoBro uses the versions of OpenHardwareMonitor and LibreHardwareMonitor that are directly shipped with the app
Additionally installing these applications on your PC as well unfortunately won't make a difference

If you selected Fahrenheit within the settings like posted above and the values still show in Celsius, the unit conversion might indeed be bugged
We currently don't plan to put much more effort in extending or fixing the current version of MoBro as we're working on the next major update instead
You can read more about that in our last post over here

Unit conversion (so not just Celsius/Fahrenheit, but also all others like MB/GB, etc…) was also completely reworked in that version
So yes, once the new version is out, this issue should be fixed as well :)


Thanks for the reply, that sheds loads of light on the issue. I was not aware that Open Hardware Monitor was not actually required and as I was already using OHM long before installing ModBros, I thought it was a requirement I had already covered ...  lol

After reading the Blog post, I am excited to check out the next version of ModBros. The only concern I have is regarding theme customisation, but I will reserve judgement on that until I get my hands on the new version.

Thanks for your hard work and support, it is much appreciated. :)


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