Failed to start the PHP 7.3 FastCGI Process Manager

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my Raspberry suddenly stopped displaying the Mobro Data.

On boot ist says “Failed to start The PHP 7.3 FastCGI Process Manager”. After that message the screen just goes black.


I googled it and found a prompt to display the status:


What can i do to resolve this issue? I dont really know to handle Linux.

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Hi @advicesquirrel 

Which version of the Raspberry Pi image are you using?
In case it's the most recent one (v12.3): did you manually disable the OverlayFS?

I guess you already tried just rebooting the Pi?

Sure, i rebooted the Pi several times.

The version is v11.1, downloaded and installed on 03 Nov. 2020.

It worked fine until a few days ago.

Oh ok, that's quite a long time already :)

Maybe some files got corrupted on the SD card over time.
I guess the easiest solution would just be to re-flash the image. Especially if you don't know your way around Linux.

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