Hyperpixel 4 (square)

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I am very excited to have taken my first steps to creating my personal cpu monitor. Thus far I have:

  • Acquired my first Raspberry pi 4
  • tinkered on Raspberry Pi OS
  • successfully used the Hyperpixel 4 square touchscreen display on Raspberry OS (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • formatted said sd card
  • acquired Mobros image file and converted it through winrar
  • successfully imaged sd card with Mobros image
  • configured Mobros OS through my phone
  • found that Mobros is unreliable over wireless connection to SSH
  • wired connection to raspberry pi works flawlessy
  • successfully opened OS on SSH (Putty)
  • configured root and boot partitions to RW
  • default configured to RO


Found software still working flawlessly but my Hyperpixel4 square screen will not operate correctly.

Half of the screen seems to almost work but the left half is pixelated as if there is interference.

I have followed every guide from hyperpixel, the way I had it working on original Raspberry Pi OS was to modify the config.txt file and it came it life.

i know this will work I’m just missing something.

Thanks for any help, I promise I will share a photo of my entire build when we figure this out!

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Hi @Jayh21012 

Well that certainly doesn't look right.. 

Have you tried modifying the config.txt file on our image the same way as you did when you got your screen running correctly on your Raspberry Pi OS install?

Also you can simply add config.txt modifications in the Advanced section of the web configuration wizard. So you don't necessarily need to edit the file via SSH yourself

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