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I have built a simple theme using HWinfo32 menus and some gifs, I'd like to make the menus transparent and not default white, I'm on the “ModBros / mobro-theme-default”  & “allow to customize the inverse color of pie charts ” but I have no idea on what to change to make this happen, can I get just a little direction please… LOVE THIS PRODUCT guys, thank you so much for providing a killer enhancement for my super computer.

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Message to the devs, I would pay for a version that had this ease of use built in that would allow simple control of all elements font, color, value table transparency… I'm not a programmer and dont wish to be, heck even a simple HOW To guide like was spoken of but never done to address these simple tasks for some. thanks for all the help in advance.

Hi @Gravitron 

Thanks for the kind words!

Unfortunately there's no easy way to change those things in the current version, if you don't want to directly alter the code yourself.

We're currently working on a new major version. We've roughly outlined our goals for that in this post over here.
If everything goes as planned, most of the features you're looking for should already be part of that release. So we're talking about support for different fonts, changing color, border radius, transparency of background shapes..

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