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  • DISCUSSION 1 My Default theme config

    Hi.I'm basically an Apple user for my entire life. Now I'm 55 years old and I started using computers when I was 15 years. Macs are safe computers and ...

    by Zillomab 1 day 8 replies 1
  • DISCUSSION 5 One - MoBro Legacy Theme

    Hello Everyone! I am epicX. Today I released my first theme for MoBro. I hope you guys will like that.Ui is fairly customizable and responsive as well.If you love this ...

    by epicX 1 day 42 replies 5
  • DISCUSSION 3 Working on a new theme

    Hi I stumbled across ModBros while watching a Jays2Cent video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTdniu3gn3Y&t=526sWhile they went a different route the did mention ModBros which I went down a rabbit hole with.  I ...

    by Reaver79 5 days 10 replies 3
    5 days

    Hello there i made an LCARS themed dashboard.I am using my mobile phone as monitoring device since its alway near me.It looks like that:You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15CP1lpWU2TGUXsHmW_8MDHvzm4Ca-1kk/view?usp=sharingextract ...

    by Rudger 1 month 0 replies 2
    1 month
  • DISCUSSION 11 dubbadhar-red theme (+download)

    I've made a modified version of the dubbadhar theme.Download it here.Copy the folder inside the zip into: %LocalAppData%\MoBro_Local\public\theme.

    by Leon 1 month 15 replies 11
    1 month
  • QUESTION 0 Changing bootup screens to match theme

    I guess this could also maybe be a feature request. So i just got my hardware monitor working on a laptop for testing purposes and even used some other ...

    by joshrep 1 month 4 replies 0
    Seraksab Official Bro
    1 month

    Hello I have made a theme  “cyberpunk 2077” . But i would like a widget “ hour gif and videos” but there's not. I hope that one days this ...

    by FRED 1 month 0 replies 1
    1 month
  • DISCUSSION 0 Where do I find the basics of theming?

    Where can I find the basics of theming or themes to use?

    by apophis9283 2 months 7 replies 0
    2 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 Use device resolution issue

    When I select “Use Device Resolution” nothing really changes….I only see a portion of the dubbadhar theme on my tablet.  The stated resolution of the specs of the tablet ...

    by TanktheFrank 2 months 1 replies 0
    Seraksab Official Bro
    2 months
  • FEATURE REQUEST 0 display GIF on raspberry

    Hello  Do you think it is possible after the system startup on the raspberry to be able to execute on the screen a gif before displaying the theme or ...

    by mikaxy 3 months 2 replies 0
    3 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 Theme Fallout is Searching for PIPSTATS

    Hey Friends i selected the fallout theme in the windows software and my raspberry/5" monitor stops at “Searching for Pipstats(2)” how can i solve this issue?Thanks

    by Rosty 3 months 1 replies 0
    Dave Official Bro
    3 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 Resolution problem

    For my OnePlus 6T I have to set the resolution to 861 x 412 to not have white lines or scroll bars.  If I click use device resolution it ...

    by emedlin 3 months 8 replies 0
    3 months
  • FEATURE REQUEST 0 Line chart changes

    It would be awesome if we can set the thickness of the line (for better visibility) and an optional top and/or bottom line for 0 and max value to ...

    by pcvdbroek Patreon Bro 3 months 5 replies 0
    Dave Official Bro
    3 months
  • FEATURE REQUEST -1 Any way to get FPS into Dubbadhar?

    I'm loving my new Hardware screen. I have a BIG space in the middle waiting to be able to have my FPS count; other than using Aida64 is there ...

    by Newtothis 4 months 4 replies -1
    4 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 Bug - Configure button disappears

    I´ve used your software for a long time and it is a diamond!But after a couple of months without using it I have found a bug that is quite ...

    by tantgron 4 months 4 replies 0
    4 months
  • DISCUSSION 3 Full overview!

    Well here's my contribution to this forum. but first and more important I can't thank enough the ModBros guys for their astonishing work! I just built my own PC and ...

    by Antiparras 4 months 4 replies 3
    4 months
  • DISCUSSION 1 Finally finished my screen

    So i finally managed to finish my monitor screen and wanted to share with you people. I am not done with the layout for instance the line chart and ...

    by pcvdbroek Patreon Bro 4 months 3 replies 1
    pcvdbroek Patreon Bro
    4 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 Gauge max value in beta11

    It seems the red line going all the way down depends on what the max value is set to.  Here are some examples.Notice the red line doesn't go all ...

    by emedlin 4 months 1 replies 0
    GhosTz Official Bro
    4 months
  • QUESTION 0 its possible Create a new GAUGE ?

    hi guys im new here!My question: Its possible create a new gauges to theme ?Have some docs about that ?Thx in advance!

    by Vonhellsing 4 months 3 replies 0
    GhosTz Official Bro
    4 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 Doughnuts when they display a higher value than max?

    I noticed something when I configured a doughnut gauge for my fan rpm.  If I set the max rpm to 2000rpm while the fan is running at say 2060rpm ...

    by emedlin 5 months 5 replies 0
    5 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 Problem with Gauge padding and scrollbar

    The gauge has a large padding on the sides causing a scrollbar to appear when it is placed close to the side like this:

    by pcvdbroek Patreon Bro 5 months 3 replies 0
    GhosTz Official Bro
    5 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 My first try at a theme

    I am still to receive my Raspberry and screen (7" 1024x600) but I am already preparing my sensors. I am not sure if i will run my screen landscape ...

    by pcvdbroek Patreon Bro 5 months 0 replies 0
    pcvdbroek Patreon Bro
    5 months
  • DISCUSSION 6 Share your theme layouts

    I just finished my first Dubbadhar layout and I really like how you can costumize the themes. I know I need a new gpu lol. And I still need ...

    by itzniru 5 months 10 replies 6
    5 months
  • QUESTION 0 Dubbadhar theme is not responsive

    Hi everyone I have just started with MobBros. The installation is easy and all themes are working great with my Raspberry Pi 4 + 3.5 inch LCD (480x320). However ...

    by Van 5 months 1 replies 0
    Dave Official Bro
    5 months
  • QUESTION 0 Portal test room sign theme

    Hi  I downloaded the software and was wondering if there is a public theme available download for the portal test room sign 

    by Phil07 5 months 1 replies 0
    GhosTz Official Bro
    5 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 Red Hand Theme

    In this theme I'm using many .png images to get this amazing result. The CPU and GPU names are given automatically by the sensors.I can´t share this right now ...

    by Zillomab 6 months 0 replies 0
    6 months
  • DISCUSSION 12 Astern - A new theme

    Hey everyone! I have been working on a theme I named Astern.My goal was to make it fast and efficient and not too resource heavy but still be pretty :) ...

    by dbaka85 6 months 87 replies 12
    6 months
  • DISCUSSION 1 Adjusted Dubbadhar theme for smaller 3.5 inch screens.

    Hey guys! So I got home from work the other night and was looking at my pi inside my case and wondered why the font was so small. On ...

    by Crydon 7 months 1 replies 1
    7 months
  • FEATURE REQUEST 0 A Widget to Display Date & Time

    A widget  that display Date & Time .  Also if it show Current Weather Temperature & Humidity Outside …

    by Bid 8 months 3 replies 0
    8 months
  • DISCUSSION 5 New theme: Assassin's Creed Abstergo Industries

    Hi everyone I've just done my first theme for the MoBro app it's about Assassin's Creed and Abstergo Industries.Theme previewPlease let me know what you are thinking about it ...

    by HighDeSt_FR Patreon Bro 9 months 11 replies 5
    9 months
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