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  • DISCUSSION 1 Adjusted Dubbadhar theme for smaller 3.5 inch screens.

    Hey guys! So I got home from work the other night and was looking at my pi inside my case and wondered why the font was so small. On ...

    by Crydon 2 days 1 replies 1
    2 days
  • DISCUSSION 12 Astern - A new theme

    Hey everyone! I have been working on a theme I named Astern.My goal was to make it fast and efficient and not too resource heavy but still be pretty :) ...

    by dbaka85 1 month 81 replies 12
  • DISCUSSION 5 Share your theme layouts

    I just finished my first Dubbadhar layout and I really like how you can costumize the themes. I know I need a new gpu lol. And I still need ...

    by itzniru 1 month 7 replies 5
    1 month
  • FEATURE REQUEST 0 A Widget to Display Date & Time

    A widget  that display Date & Time .  Also if it show Current Weather Temperature & Humidity Outside …

    by Bid 1 month 3 replies 0
    1 month
  • DISCUSSION 5 New theme: Assassin's Creed Abstergo Industries

    Hi everyone I've just done my first theme for the MoBro app it's about Assassin's Creed and Abstergo Industries.Theme previewPlease let me know what you are thinking about it ...

    by HighDeSt_FR Patreon Bro 2 months 11 replies 5
    2 months
  • DISCUSSION 7 dubbadhar-red theme (+download)

    I've made a modified version of the dubbadhar theme.Download it here.Copy the folder inside the zip into: %LocalAppData%\MoBro_Local\public\theme.

    by LeonPro12 2 months 11 replies 7
    2 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 dubbadhar-light theme (+download)

    I've made a light version of the dubbadhar-red theme. It was requested by SilentThread.Download it here.Copy the folder inside the zip into: %LocalAppData%\MoBro_Local\public\theme.

    by LeonPro12 2 months 0 replies 0
    2 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 Stats after the comma

    Hey Bros please can you help me which settings are get me the marked information after the comma?P.S.: i know it is SAMSUNG ;)  

    by Rallemania 3 months 4 replies 0
    3 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 DotA2 Theme - How to export it and publish?

    Hi i just created my first Theme and i am pretty proud of it. I just added a new layout on the dubbadhar theme and i am wondering how ...

    by StifflersMoM 3 months 3 replies 0
    GhosTz Official Bro
    3 months
  • DISCUSSION 3 Working on a new theme

    Hi I stumbled across ModBros while watching a Jays2Cent video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTdniu3gn3Y&t=526sWhile they went a different route the did mention ModBros which I went down a rabbit hole with.  I ...

    by Reaver79 4 months 9 replies 3
    4 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 Theme customizing

    So what is the deal with customizing the layouts? I knew it was supposed to be this week and I see some people saying they have already done it. ...

    by SilentThreat 4 months 1 replies 0
    Seraksab Official Bro
    4 months
  • DISCUSSION 3 Liking the Theme Customization so far

    Bashed this quick theme out to try out the customisation function. Couple of suggestions :a confirm delete widget dialogue as the layout gets randomised on widget deletion ( after the ...

    by me me 4 months 7 replies 3
  • DISCUSSION 0 Modify Text Size / Font Family

    Hi I'm new to this. I am trying to modify the font family to a custom one (Zurich) and also make the text size bigger.I can't figure it out. I'm ...

    by karoloydi 4 months 5 replies 0
    4 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 Dubbadhar Fan speed issue

    The Fan speed isn't reading at all for the dubbadhar theme its saying “NaN” on my RasPi and showing an error on the MoBro software. Anybody know the fix? ...

    by OzzMann80 4 months 1 replies 0
    Dave Official Bro
    4 months
  • QUESTION 0 Clock Widget

    Hey guys. I'm really liking this app and made my Pi from something that sat in a box to one of my favorite things. So I'm trying to put a ...

    by BrokeWar 4 months 0 replies 0
    4 months
  • QUESTION 0 Theme Screens orientations

    Is possible to do a horizontal layout on the dubbadhar theme? I change the screen orientation on the modbro setup but on the screen is not fill properly. I'm ...

    by DHiza 4 months 8 replies 0
    4 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 Patron Tweak Disappears

    Hello I have the patron version of the app and when I added the astern theme the gear disappears and I can not work on my own theme. Any ...

    by purp 4 months 3 replies 0
    4 months
  • QUESTION 0 Changing Max Values for fan speeds

    Hey guys!Love the app and the idea. I do have just a query though in the dubbadhar theme my CPU fan maxes out at 2 000 RPM however the ...

    by TK3111 4 months 3 replies 0
    4 months
  • DISCUSSION 2 Modified dubbadhar theme for a portrait 4 inch screen

    Hi all .. This is my first try to modify the dubbadhar theme it was a little challenge for me as I am not a web developer …

    by mhdamro 4 months 3 replies 2
    4 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 dubbadhar theme bugs/issues

    I have come across two issues with this amazing theme.      Thanks for all the hard work much appreciated.1. If you remove id tag mobro-cpu-name in the h2 ...

    by Bob NZ 5 months 7 replies 0
    GhosTz Official Bro
    5 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 Hello World - Customizing a theme basics

    Note:  Two things I wish this forum supported is:1) A better solution for including images in posts.  Maybe a simple button to insert an image from ImgBB?  Currently I ...

    by Arvo Bowen III 6 months 5 replies 0
    6 months
  • QUESTION 0 Changing bootup screens to match theme

    I guess this could also maybe be a feature request. So i just got my hardware monitor working on a laptop for testing purposes and even used some other ...

    by joshrep 6 months 2 replies 0
    6 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 Disappearing widget on dubbadhar’s theme

    hello I noticed after a couple of hours one of the RPM widget on dubbadhar’s theme disappears. to fix it I switch themes to default or fallout then back ...

    by naughtyka718 6 months 5 replies 0
    6 months
  • DISCUSSION 1 Recoloring Themes

    I really like the Fallout theme but the green doesn't match the theme of my case. How do I change the color of the theme? Or better yet is ...

    by Ya_Boi 7 months 1 replies 1
    7 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 Make my own Theme

    Hello Amazing Peeps   I know Dubbadhar personally. And i love his theme. I asked him if he could help me make my own personal theme. Sadly he isnt able to help ...

    by Angelicjack 7 months 9 replies 0
    7 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 dubbadhar - Fullscreen issues

    Hello everyone! So far I'm pretty satisfied with MoBro for the Raspberry and especially the dubbadhar theme.While everything's working perfectly fine using the official RPi 7" Screen the dubbadhar theme ...

    by Turnspit 8 months 2 replies 0
    HighDeSt_FR Patreon Bro
    8 months
  • REPORT AN ISSUE 0 GPU stats frozen for SLI card

    All of the themes for the monitor are showing a static value for GPU Usage and Temperature and these values don't update. Also I wanted to throw a request ...

    by electricnic 9 months 1 replies 0
    9 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 Does the software come with the Fallout theme?

    Hi there  I have just came across your fallout 76 build and it looks amazing. I then discovered this software that you use to monitor the hardware of a ...

    by cpenny1 10 months 1 replies 0
    Seraksab Official Bro
    10 months
  • QUESTION 0 Change Theme

    Hello MB Im struggling to understand how to change theme on the monitor controller?!? I can see themes in C:\Users\…\AppData\Local\MoBro\app-1.0.0-beta5\resources\resources\public\theme …. But how do i change the standard theme ...

    by Jbassett 10 months 2 replies 0
    10 months
  • DISCUSSION 0 Theme colors inverted

    I am a new user of ModBros. I recently got a raspberry pi 4 and this screen for it. For some reason the dubbadhar themes colors are inverted. The ...

    by kready 10 months 3 replies 0
    Seraksab Official Bro
    10 months
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