MoBro connected via ethernet and using shared WiFi conection.

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Okay so my setup is a bit janky right now until I sort my router out.

I have > RPi3 →Ethernet→Linksys Switch→Ethernet→My PCs Ethernet

I use WiFi right now to get online with my PC, and the RPi has too much trouble connecting to this router through the inside of my PC case, so this is how i'm doing it right now.

I set my WiFi connection to share the Ethernet connection in windows:


(The middle unplugged connection is my VPN, I can't get it to connect/find the app at all using it. Oh well.)

Anyway. It all works fine, except I want to access the setup wizard on the Pi - it's IP is according to my port scanner my PCs IP (LAN) 192168.0.109, if I try to SSH into it, denied;


That's the IP according to the software;


If I disable the connection sharing, the Pi can't connect to anything, and does not bring up its own network to connect to - so short of doing a clean etch of the SD card, how do I get to the config again? Eg if I wanted to change the network settings, which can't be done in boot.cfg etc.



Getting there..

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