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I was just messing around and modified the dubbadhar to have more things I wanted to actually monitor using the HWiNFO pro external data sources / sensors. 

I ended up going a little overboard haha. but I like it. 
Loads up aok since the starfield background is very small and just tiles. (it's darker in person than the camera seems to capture, more black than blue) 

I was really happy that HWiNFO sees the case fan speeds and the Run Time Remaining on the UPS battery. 

I like dragons, so I went a bit nuts with transparent dragon images on this one. 

I am surprised this loads on the Pi 2 B. 

The special case to mount the pi and display to arrived today.
I am just waiting on the display itself, hopefully it arrives tomorrow so I can get this mounted and running.
For now I am just running the HDMI to one of my 3 monitors to keep testing it and it's running better than I expected for an old Pi 2 B.

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this looks fine without the background also if you prefer just black. but I really like the clean starfield background too, just cannot get a good capture of it via photo. so This is a screen cap running it via open in browser mode. 


Love it, where can we get this ???

Thank you for the positive feedback. this forum seemed dead, so I moved over to posting on the ModBros discord server. 

I have changed this quite a bit since last posting here. I had to reduce the overall size because I am running my Pi2B on a 7" raspberry pi touchscreen. I have no idea how to share what I Have done so that you can have the same.

But the people over on the discord server were responsive and helpful. So I'd recommend heading over there when you have some time. 

ModBros discord. 

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