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I've been excited about the new app since work was announced. Any news? I will gladly become a patreon if it would help!

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Hi @Nate R 

Our Patrons currently have access to a working preview of the new app and are already testing it.
We've made it available a few weeks ago and are collecting feedback, bugs and issues that have come to light now that a few more people are using the app, compared to just ourselves.

If you really do end up becoming a Patron for this:

  • Thanks a lot for the support already!
  • The preview is currently available for all our patrons, regardless of the tier.
    You can find the download link in one of the last posts over at Patreon
  • We really appreciate any feedback, bug reports,.. regarding the new app.
    So don't hesitate to contact us. If you're using Discord, there's a dedicated channel for our Patreon users


For non-patreon users reading:

Of course there will also be a free version of the new app. 
But it's gonna be released later, as we really want to iron out the most glaring issues and bugs first before fully releasing it. Also we're not 100% done with all the features yet.

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