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You want to be part of our very first community theme? Then this is the right place to be! Here you can post your awesome ideas, but before doing that, please read our blog post (especially the guidelines).

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pla do a them that's very universal that will go with alot of colour scheme and very clear use good contrasting so it can been seen clearly on 7inch to 4 inch pls thanks  bigger lettering for gpu cpu labels 


So I'm pretty terrible at mocking things up, but I'll raise a few points that I've thought of over the last little while that I've been using MoBro.

  • A clock widget. I'd love to have either the option of including a digital clock or a skinnable analog one. I know you can do this if you're writing the script for a theme, but it's not an option as a widget you can drop into either Dubbadhar or it's ‘new’ variant.
  • Snap to grid. Something in between the default theme and the really free form options of Dubbadhar would be nice. Lining up gauges pixel by pixel kinda sucks, but I'd like a little more freedom. Having a snap to grid option seems like a good middle ground.
  • Colour options. Not a huge one, but I felt like I should reiterate that I'd prefer them. Especially for gauges that have a ‘fine, warn, critical’ range.
  • Significant figure options. Having the option to set CPU load to a whole percentage, rather than reading tenths of a percentage point would be really nice.
  • Gauge shapes. Arcs are cool, donuts are cool, gauges are cool, but more bar graphs as seen in the Portal theme would be nice.
  • Resolution scaling. This one is a minor issue, but I run a 7" 1080p screen for MoBro, and a lot of themes don't play nice with that. The Fallout theme, for instance, is super small and basically unusable. It's okay on custom ones where I can crank up font sizes and widget sizes, but there are themes that are just unusable thanks to this quirk.

Those are just some thoughts I've had about what I'd like to see in a new theme. I know they're vague, but they're things I'd like to see across the board, rather than specific things for a specific theme.


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