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Awesome work guys: I am sure your Pi monitoring solution will become very popular.


Would you happen to know why all of the fan values are all stuck at 0%? And yes, the fans are spinning. :-)  Thanks!

  • I also tried HWINFO source, and although the fan speeds work fine within HWINFO, they do not work in your app either.
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Problem solved

In HWiNFO, I was able to get it to work, but I had to go into the BIOS to have the fans turn at a slow speed (350 RPM) rather than zero when the temps are cool. Once I did that, all of the fans were visible in HWiNFO, and were also visible within the mod-bros app as well (in Windows and on the remote Raspberry Pi)

  • Note: There is an option to report all the fan info within HWiNFO even if the fans are off, but that did not seem to work.
  • I confirmed that the fix above also works in Aida64 too.
  • I confirmed that it still does not work with Open Hardware or Libre Hardware.
  • My motherboard is a newer MSI Z490 Unify


And congrats on the Beta v10. Works flawlessly.

Ever since version 7.02 of HWInfo, sensor data is no longer shared for longer than 30 minutes unless you get the paid version. You'll need v6.xx for it to work properly.

Thanks for the kind words, really glad to hear! :)
And also thanks for the detailed description about that fan speed issue. Definitely nice to know.

Yes the shared memory usage was limited in the free version starting from 7.00
We've summarized the changes here.

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