Open Source Desktop App?

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Hello Bros,


I really like the software and appreciate what you're doing.

Would it be possible or is it in the playbook to open source the desktop app?

I would like to add data that isn't a part of the hardware info libs, such as top processes by CPU / memory usage.

Thank you

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Hi @deathofarocker 

thanks for the kind words :)

No, we don't have plans to open source the whole desktop app.
But we are working on shifting to a more modular plugin-based approach. So all those data sources we currently have like open/libre hardware monitor and hwinfo will become their own plugin.
Once that's done and working we will be providing a SDK that will allow you to create your own data plugins. At that point we will also open source some of our existing plugins so you guys have some sample code to look at. Basically similar to how we handle themes right now.

But don't get to excited just yet, as this will still take quite some time until we're done!
There's really a lot of stuff we need to change and build before plugins become a realty. But we're working on it :)

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