Raspberry pi 3B + Undervoltage

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I have installed the raspberry pi image on a raspberry pi 3B+ with a 5 in screen. 

I keep getting undervoltage errors, so the app crashes once the computer goes to sleep.

I have tried to power it from a good USB cable and a USB header directly on the motherboard, but neither worked.


How can I fix this? 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

Motherboard USB header won't serve enough power to your pi+screen. You need at least (in my case it works) 2.1A power supply. The recommended power is about 3A.

@magnificent3 Thanks a lot for your help. I will do that. I was hoping for a sleeker look, but that will do.

Can someone post a link for an adapter they have found to work, I have tried several including 2.1 and 3 A plugs. Thanks

This is what i bought. Seems to do the trick. It's raspberry pi branded power supply.

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