Raspi PC hardware monitoring -- not tied to a specific OS that boots?

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I've been looking at this application for the raspberry pi.

I really want to monitor my PC's hardware readouts, regardless of what OS I boot into. I run dual boot (Windows and Linux) on my PC. Will this implementation of the raspi monitor hardware, regardless of what OS I'm booted into? I would assume so, since it's wired into a USB header. I understand that the configuration software is available on Windows, but perhaps it can be configured on Windows and then the settings are retained in raspberry pi? Why is a Windows app even needed if this is for raspberry pi? I just want some confirmation. Thanks.

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I think I understand it now.. the mobro software that runs on windows is the server and the raspberry pi is the web client that receives this data. So for this to to work, the server must be running on Windows? Can someone confirm?

Yes, you're correct

And yes, we also have plans to make the MoBro desktop app (so the server side) available on Linux

But there's no real ETA yet, since it's still quite a bit of work and we're currently focused on bringing a new and overhauled version of it to Windows first

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