Reset configuration on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

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Is it possible to reset the configuration on the Raspberry Pi that is using the ModBros custom image? Or is there a way to open a terminal window on the Raspberry Pi? I can't access the Raspberry Pi via the IP address, and it shows “No ethernet link detected.” I don't know if I can use the USB connection because 1) I am using the micro USB port for power (there are 4 USB A ports on the side next to the ethernet port, however), and 2) not using a Raspberry Pi Zero. I had set it up to use a static IP address and after the reboots, it shows the “No ethernet link detected” message. I would prefer to not reimage the SD card unless that is the only option. I could connect to the Raspberry Pi when it had a DHCP address, but I need to use a static IP on my network.

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you can connect to the Pi via SSH if you want terminal access
but if you can't access it via IP address, I guess that's not really an option..

using MoBro over the USB connection only works for the Raspberry Pi Zero and the new Pi Zero 2
the micro USB ports on the Pi 3 and 4 are for power only and can't transmit data

did you connect your Pi via ethernet cable?

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