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Im currently unable to disable then enable OverlayFS, in ssh or the config wizard, as this produces a boot screen lock up ive tried using a pi zero and a pi3A with different SD cards.

if i disable overlayFS to install script for the screen to work and leave it at that it will boot fine but as soon as i re-enable overlayfs again i get the modbros boot screen lock up again. and have to re-flash image.

Im using the hyperpixel screen over gpio.

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Hi @Polly 

could you please link me the script you are installing for your screen?


"curl | bash"

just an update has I have not received any feed back, I messed about for a few hours over the last few nights. If I made any changes in terminal the Pi would become unbootable. I tried this in the config wizard and instead of being unbootable I would just lose the screen. As my screen has the HDMI timing set in the config.txt, I guessed that it was something to do with that as the config file would reset for some reason. knowing this I just copied the whole txt file into the overrides in the wizard and I was able to have everything working with overlayFS enabled.

I haven't had time to really look at the script from your display and test it.

Glad you found a fix for your issue :)
And thanks for taking the time to share it!

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