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Hi, the webpage seems to crash after being on for multiple hours. If I leave my PC on overnight, the mobro running on my raspberry 3b+ has crashed the webpage at some point in the night. Reboot through ssh fixes the issue. I haven't tried refreshing the page yet but I'll try that the next time it happens. 

Is this a common issue? Any way to get some logs out to figure out what is causing it if it's not a known issue?



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Hi @Jereskuta, which theme do you have running on the pi? Could be a memory issue. 

Hey @Dave! I'm using the Dubbadhar theme (not the old version).

I have the same issue occasionally but with a different configuration.  I monitor two different PC's, each in their own iframe within the Node-Red dashboard, running on a Pi4b 4GB in kiosk mode.  Basically it's just two webpages merged into one side-by-side page. I used the Dubbadhar theme as the base and modified it to fit. 

At least once a day, one or the other iframe will fail and blank out with the error message. See the screen cap below. Reloading the page fixes it but it's annoying to have to keep doing.  I'm not sure how to troubleshoot the issue.  

Let me know how I can help figure this out.




@DamnMyEyes @Jereskuta are you using the old dubbadhar theme which is static? Or are you using the new dubbadhar theme that can be customized via the theme customization?

Could you please also tell me, which version of the app you are using?

@Dave I'm using the Dubbadhar (not old) theme, which I modified, as seen in my screen shot.  I'm using V1.0.0-beta13 on both of my Windows PC's.  I'm NOT using the Raspberry Pi image, just viewing the webpage.

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