Device can't connect?

Here is some help for you, if a device can't connect to MoBro!

In- and Outbound Rules

Sometimes devices cannot connect to MoBro due to settings of your firewall. The easiest thing you can try is installing the in- and outbound rules via the settings directly in your MoBro application. This adds exceptions to the firefall for the necessary local ports.


Firewall exception for MoBro

If the in- and outbound rule doesn't work for you, its worth trying to add an exception to your firewall for the MoBro exe. Search for "Allow an app through windows firewall" in your windows search bar. Then click "Allow another app" and search in the browser for the exe. The path is "<Drive>:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\MoBro\MoBro - ModBros Monitoring Service.exe". Add it to your firewall exceptions and your devices should be able to connect afterwards.



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