do you know a 5inch/inch screen that has been tested many times and works well ??

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Hi, everyone


do you know a 5inch/zoll screen that has been tested many times and works well ??



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Maybe it's too late, but this one I made it work using a Raspberry Pi Zero W:

At the end of the day, is the same waveshare screen that you see different variants circulating, the only thing is that this is cheaper because it doesn't have touchscreen.

I had to solder the GPIO pins and made some configuration changes, but I made it work:



A couple of things to mention:

  • This screen includes the necessary cabling for use the GPIO port, that means a Board for converting from the Screen's ribbon cable to a 40 or 50-pin ribbon cable for the raspberry. Also includes an RGB LCD HAT that makes the “conversion” from the 40pin ribbon to the GPIO header port, lastly it also incluse an stand for the screen.
  • Even using the configuration wizard, the moBro setting will be incorrect and I suggest you to plug in to the raspberry using HDMI for the initial set-up, this mostly to be able to connect to the board via SSH 
  • For displaying, after you have moBro running, connect via SSH, go to the config.txt file and follow the instructions here:, go directly to the “For Raspberry Pi OS Buster branch and Ubuntu system” section, copy the lines below [all] (in case is not a pi 4) and put them at the end of the config.txt file, follow the procedures for updating configs for moBro in the docs, reboot and that should get you with the screen up and running.

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