ModBros not installed properly in Windows 10

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Hi there,

I have problem to run the ModBros Monitor Service. I tried to install the ModBros but suddenly my PC restarted unexpectedly on mid installation. Then, after back in Windows I tried to made another new installation, but here is is the odd thing, if I clicked the exe setup file it just run the app not the installation. 

Then the app showed up/running, I saw Open Hardware and Libre Monitor sensor picking up the CPU and GPU temperatures.

After that I turn on the installed RPI ModBros (it actually run and connected to the other PC flawlessly) and the Connected Devices window not showing my RPI as a 'mobro' device.

Can you help me way out to what happened to this problem?

Using BETA 13 installation file.


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I did that already, but still the same result.

Do you have Uninstaller app that used for MoBro in Windows ? I'm thinking because of failure installation that I explained above, this problem came up.

Tried Geek Uninstaller but the same problem.

I tried to cleanup registry of the MoBro manually, cleanup startup and services in task manager. But after that the exe file that I downloaded from MoBro website still makes it running the app NOT the installation setup though, confused now.

I wanted to re-install.

Are you still having an issue with this.  I had a similar issue and how I fixed it was by manually deleting 2 files from c drive users app data local directory.  The files are MOBro aand MoBro_Local.  Hope this helps. 

@deeph like justCallMeLT mentioned you can try removing all files from your system and install it cleanly. Just remove the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\MoBro_Local and C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\MoBro folders. That might do the trick

You can also try uninstalling the MoBro - ModBros Monitoring Service in Windows Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and then try reinstalling the app again.

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