DIY Setup

Setup MoBro on your own Raspian installation

If you don't want to use our pre-configured custom Raspian image you can also set up the Pi for yourself.
This is targeted at people that already know how to work with and configure a Raspberry Pi.

If you never worked with a Pi and have no experience or knowledge about Linux either please use our pre-configured image and follow the guide here instead: Download & FlashSetup


  • A Raspberry Pi with an Operating System installed and running on it
  • A browser installed on the Pi
    (Preferrably chromium as this is the one we test on. But generally every browser should be fine)
  • The MoBro Windows application running on your PC
  • The Pi and PC both connected to the same network



With the above requirements in place you will have to check for the IP address of your PC.

Then just open the browser on the Pi and go to: [PC_IP_ADDRESS]:42100?uuid=pi1&name=RaspberryPi

Note: If you want to connect multiple Rasperries to the same PC the uuid must be different for all of them in order for the desktop application to be able to manage them correctly and store your selected themes etc.
So replace this part with something unique for each of your Pis.


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