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Hey everyone! 

I have been working on a theme I named Astern.
My goal was to make it fast and efficient and not too resource heavy but still be pretty :) .

Right now it only has about 15% usage for a raspberry pi3


It is still a WIP but most planned features are there: 

Cpu temp, core clock, usage 
Gpu temp, core clock, usage, vram usage
RAM usage

Feel free to try it:  https://dbaker85.github.io/astern/
If you find any bugs or issues, feel free to open a bug on github.
Feature requests are also welcome

Let me know what you guys think.

@dbaka85  Thank you for this! Now my default theme. 

Hey @dbaka85,

I love the theme. Would you mind uploading the un-minified Index.js? I would like to migrate this theme to the new SDK and build on the customization. Thanks

Hi @awsmpwnda 

dbaka85 shared this on GitHub, so you can find the source here :)


Hi @awsmpwnda 

dbaka85 shared this on GitHub, so you can find the source here :)

Yes, but the index.js is minified and I either need the source map for it or the un-minified version. The source files do not include the final compiled index.js file that is needed.

@dbaka85 Any help?

Hey @awsmpwnda.

All the original files are in the GitHub page. If you look at the `dev` branch. Everything is under `/src`. 

It starts in `Index.tsx`

All the build tooling is there too.

@dbaka85 You did a fine job on this theme, congratulations.

Is there a way to change the color of the clocks from green to red? This would match the color of the leds in my cabinet.

is there a 320x480 version of this for a 3.5in display? thanks!

Has anyone got this working vertically with the 7inch Pi Screen? 



Many thanks! 

hi, great theme
I am going to play around to see if I can get the text bigger. Unless someone has already done this and can post how to before i get into it will a jack hammer.

I figured out how to change the specific font size, but got mine up and going even got the VRAM to read right after trolling through all the post, great theme 


Nice work Sid. Can you tell where to change the colors of the circle bars?



Nice work Sid. Can you tell where to change the colors of the circle bars?

I think, you will have to d/l github, or i think you can make the changes on github and then d/l them, not 100% sure on that  but I will be the first to tell you I am complete n00b at this



hopefully **fingers crossed** when the new version of MoBros comes out, it makes it alot easier for modding themes


Here is some info on doing the hsla stuff on coloring 



Nice work Sid. Can you tell where to change the colors of the circle bars?

so, i download the sdk and changed the themes.ts, i used notepad++, and then d/l node.js once i got all the window things installed, ran "npm install", then "npm run build" and then closed mobros and reopened after reinstalling the theme that was created when you run the npm run build and then Bob's your uncle.


I liked the widget styling and the overall look of the theme.

I'd like to change the data displayed.

I have tried to figure out how to do that in git project, but since I'm not familiar with TS/React I got lost pretty fast.

Any plan to make the theme configurable?


love this theme! thank you for creating it and sharing it. running it off a Pi 2 B with an EDiMAX wifi dongle and testing out via HDMI. I made a longer post about it in themes for current details about the build etc. 

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